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Youth Mentoring

and Services 

Nellie Prather Foundation mentoring programs reach out to at-risk kids, helping them develop positive decision-making skills to combat delinquent behavior and make better choices.


Nellie Prather foundation mentoring program connects each youth with an older mentor, someone able to provide advice, while sharing positive experience with the youth. While these programs cannot take the place of a missing parent, the positive influence of a caring mentor can make a difference in a kid’s life.  



Our dedicated, caring and experienced staff members are the foundation of the Nellie Prather Foundation experience for our girls. Every staff member is CPR/First Aid-certified, engages in year-round professional development, has passed a nationwide criminal background check, and has a passion for girl-centered programming and environments.

Our Staff

According to research, studies show young people benefit when they have positive role models and mentors in their early years.

The Nellie Prather Foundations mission is to serve young women as a vehicle for learning and development through assistance programs, experiential education, instructural partnering,  technology,  counseling and mentoring.

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Glenwood, Il. 60425


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