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Men of Stature

Workshops, Trainings and Offerings

The goal of this program is to assist young men identify and prepare to obtain their life goals by helping them become Men of Stature.

The Nellie Prather Foundation offers a full semester (18 week), series of workshops for young, urban, socio-economically challenged young boys, in the Chicago metro area, titled the "Men of Stature."

Each segment of this series is comprised of multiple, 2-3 hour workshops and activities. In each segment there are workshops exclusively for the youth participants, the instructional staff and parents. The workshop/activities are divided into seven major categories termed:


1)Self Respect

2) Tenacity
3) Abstinence 

4) Transformed,
5) Ultimate

6) Responsibility

7) Excellence.

All workshops are conducted by either certified educators and/or trainers with expertise in one or more disciplines or segments in the series.

Each of the workshops and activities include opportunities for young men to discuss and dialogue about their own personal issues and views.

The workshops and activities are designed to create a "safe" atmosphere for young men to express what they are thinking and feeling. While their thoughts and feelings may be acknowledged, there is also equal emphasis placed on choices and consequences thereof.

This is done in an effort to assist in facilitating change in their overall view of their options and opportunities.

•The Men of Stature program
•Experiential training and exposure
•Professional development
•Parental involvement
•The arts


The Statures Review: As schools complete the semester long program, we offer continuing support with the "Men of Stature Review."

The Stature Review continues with the progress made with each group of young men on a monthly basis, for maintenance purposes, after the Men of Stature  program has been completed.

The Stature Review support team visits schools monthly for 2-3 hour follow up workshops with in-school and out of school activities.

The Nellie Prather Foundations mission is to serve young women as a vehicle for learning and development through assistance programs, experiential education, instructural partnering,  technology,  counseling and mentoring.


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